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Candy Cane and Holly Leaves Round Doily (23")

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This Winter 23" Round Doily can add a new, bright appearance to the table. Perfect for Christmas weddings, catering events, dinner parties, and any other occasion.

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    Christmas time is one of joy and celebration and we are here to help you translate the merriment into a special Christmas. We suggest you start with patterns like our traditional Red and White Striped Candy Cane 23" Round Doily to show off your elegant holiday table. Use as a Placemat and add your lovely Christmas dinerware. Display a festive Centerpiece on our 23"” Doily and your guest will be delighted to sit at a table that is finished with such a lovely elegant display. Enjoy a beautiful Scarf on the Fireplace Mantle and your holiday decor will be complete and your home will be filled with happiness and joy