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Cocoa Earth Tone and White Jacquard Table Runner (14" x 26", 16" x 35"/44"/53", 14" x 70")

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*Beautiful runners for every table

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    *Beautiful antique German lace with earth-tone colors on White Jacquard material that is lovely on a dining room table, coffee table, or sofa table. The runner comes in several sizes and will complement any decor.  Sizes may vary with lace patterns.  These linens are 100% polyester and can be placed in a washer and dryer.  Little to no ironing is necessary.  Also, elegant in the bedroom on a dresser or nightstand and will add beauty to any room.  We are committed to bringing your exclusive designs from farmhouse to ranch to holiday-style decor.  Linens, Art and Things want to bring excitement and functional decor to your home at affordable prices and offer great gift ideas for your guests as well.