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Cocoa Earth Tone and White Jacquard Table Topper (23" Round)

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*Beautiful Doily for the Dining or Kitchen Table or Bedroom Nightstand

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    *Beautiful Antique White Cocoa Earth Tone Jacquard Peacock Tail 23" Round Doily that is wonderful for the center of the table with a centerpiece or on an accent table with a candle or arrangement of colorful florals.  100% Polyester washable and dry with dryer sheet to prevent wrinkles and requires little to no ironing.  This Doily can be used in many ways.  It can be used in the center of a table to display a beautiful floral centerpiece, a bowl of fruit, or a candle in the center of the doily.  Anyway you use them, the table will be enhanced with the beauty that this Doily will show in your home.  The quality is wonderful as the center is an antique jacquard material with lovely two-tone lace of brown and white with a white center. 

    We want to bring you a stylish, functional Doily to show off your home decor with a beautiful and functional display for your home and offer great gift items for your guests as well. 

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