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Embroidered Cutwork Colorful Fall Maple Leaf (14" x 27"/34",54",90")

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Fashionable for any Fall setting on dining table or coffee table

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    Very beautiful Autumn/Fall Runners in Fall Maple and Oak Leaf colors.  These come in sizes 14" X 27" for the sofa end tables or use for placemats on your dining table, 15" X 35" for the coffee table or in the center of the dining table that seats 4-6 guests, 15" X 54" on the dining table that seats 6-8 guest and the 15" X 90", great for a buffet or a large table that seats 8-12 guests.  100% Washable polyester and dyer dry.  Little to no ironing is required.  The cut work pattern is lovely with your Fall centerpieces and will enhance your Autumn decor and give your home a wonderful seasonal glow.  We are committed to bringing you exclusive designs of cutwork florals for the country or farmhouse look or a casual or elegant style to your home at affordable prices.  Free shipping and free returns if you are not completely satisfied with our products.