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Gold European Lace Antique Jacquard Table Topper (23/33"RD)

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Great for small table to Large table to accent a beautiful centerpiece

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    Beautiful round 23" Gold European Lace and Antique Jacquard Ivory Fabric Doily or Table Topper for the center of the table. 100% Polyester machine washable and little to no ironing.; Order and enjoy on your dining or kitchen table in an elegant setting or for everyday use.; Keep furniture scratch free for years to come. Gold Lace Doilies are excellent for a wedding as a beautiful centerpiece under the cake or on each table with a candle or floral arrangement.; Also, is available in matching Gold Lace Runners, Placemats, Table Toppers, Tissue Boxes, and Mantle Scarves or Window Coverings. Enjoy free shipping on all items. Each lace pattern will vary from a quarter of an inch to three-quarters inch in width.;