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Gold European Lace and Antique Jacquard Fabric Round Doily, Table Topper (23"/33")

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Great for small table to Large table to accent a beautiful centerpiece

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    Beautiful round 23" Gold European Lace and Antique Jacquard Ivory Fabric Doily or Table Topper for the center of the table. 100% Polyester machine washable and little to no ironing.  Order and enjoy on your dining or kitchen table in an elegant setting or for everyday use.  Keep furniture scratch free for years to come. Gold Lace Doilies are excellent for a wedding as a beautiful centerpiece under the cake or on each table with a candle or floral arrangement. 

    Also, is available in matching Gold Lace Runners, Placemats, Table Toppers, Tissue Boxes, and Mantle Scarves or Window Coverings. Enjoy free shipping on all items. Each lace pattern will vary from a quarter of an inch to three-quarters inch in width.