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Red Poppy on Ivory Table Topper, Doily (23 / 33" Round)

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Beautiful Doily for center of the table

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    These stunning Doilies are the perfect addition to any beautiful table and will add a touch of romance and elegance to your dining experience whether you are hosting an elegant dinner or just using it for a casual event. The Poppy Doily features a vibrant red color with delicate poppy flower designs. The rich red hue symbolizes love and passion making it a perfect choice for Valentine's Day dinner or any fun event throughout the year. The doily will add a touch of nature and beauty to the linens creating a visually appealing table setting. Not only are these Doilies made of high-quality materials they are washable satin and take little care. No matter what holiday you are celebrating these will add beauty and make a wonderful choice for the center of a table with your beautiful centerpiece or on a breakfast bar or buffet. Using these doilies will add color creating a visually appealing table setting for your friends and guests and will last for years to come.