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Weave Pattern Teal and Gray Table Runner (34,53,90")

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Beautiful Runners for the dining or kitchen table or bedroom end table

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    Fun basket weave chenille table runner in gray and teal with white stripes to add to any decor.; Wonderful for a modern or farmhouse house display.; These runners have a black background and will match any style of decor.; They are made of heavy quality chenille that is washable in cold water and laying out to dry will prevent shrinkage.; Each has 1/4 hemstitched all around and lays nicely because of weight.; These have the look of tapestry and are of great quality.; These runners can be used in several places in the home, including the bedroom on the dresser, the living room on the coffee table, or the dining room on the table.; Also, these runners can be used as an accent for a sofa table, piano, buffet, vanity, sewing machine, and bar.; They can be used for any occasion.; Would be great fun on an outside table during a barbeque.;;